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21 October 2007 @ 11:41 am
interests (for line)  
Cause my koneko raikoala asked for it, here an explanation of 7 of my lj interests...

bella mafia is an US-Movie about a Mafia Family. All men are being killed by an assassin. Even the 2 twin babies are being killed in their bed. No man alive, so the Women are taking over the business and fight against all the other families, starting a silent Vendetta. The woman survive, but the end is really sad for the main character...
I really like the movie^__^

crosses, I looove them! I collect them! silver crosses!^__^ more I don't have to say!

gpkismis the band of my dear friend Ken aka GPK I like the music and support the band...

lexx- the dark zone some like star track or star wars, I like Lexx! ^__^ It's a series about a organic spacecraft shaped like a gigantic dragonfly and is the most powerful destructive force in the two universes...
The crew consist of an undead assassin named Kai, the last of the Brunnen G, who had lost his memory(and had to work as assassin for the divine Shadow, the evil dictator of the universe of light) who live from protoblood, Zev/Xev half love slave (it was a punishment for not fulfilling her wifely duties) and a cluster lizard. Buuuuut she has just the libido and body of a love slave, her mind is free...
The love slave programming received the robot head 790 who is deeply in love with zev.
and than we have Stanley tweedle who was a security guard 4th class, agent of a failed rebellion, and, by accident became the captain of the Lexx.
so strange like the charas is the story...

Many funny elements, you can laugh so much, often it's ironic and show the deepness of the human mind...

takui is a japanese artist who is not sooo known outside Japan. his farther was a english teacher, gave him as present to his 3rd b-day an record of the beatles. He speak and sing really god english and is still huge beatles fan. He left school with 15 for his 1st band maggie mae and with 18 they wanted to make the new hide of him, he didn't want that but was for some time in the band dopeheadz with heath and pata. he's now a solo mayor artist. I found out about him some years ago when a friend showed me some PVs...
his english

one of my favorite PVs
and one of my favorite songs(the live version is better)

tom holland is one of my favorite authors beside Anne Rice. He wrote a trilogy about Lord Byron where he combined the facts with fiction. the autobiography of byron was destroyed and so this book create a new one. Tom Holland mixed one character of Byron's story "the Vampyre" written by dr. Polidori, "Lord Ruthven", with Lord Byron. He's saying, the autobiography was destroyed, because Byron was telling the truth about himself, being a vampire.
The combination of facts and fiction is great in all 3 books and when I read it, I realized, that lord Byron is indeed a real, historic person, cause I heard before of him in "Highlander" but thought before he was just made up.
Reading the book from Tom Holland, I became a fan of Lord Byron!

お洒落泥棒 a yeah... the band of Vocal Miyuu, who I met without knowing he was 1. a vocal, 2. working in Gellonimo, 3. male!
but thanks to my dear kitten I learned a bit more about him this year...
and of cause I'm part of the oshare dorobou street team!
Current Music: GPKISM - sublimis