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24 April 2006 @ 11:55 pm
Bittersweet concert  
yesterday was the Kagerou concert, a real bittersweet concert, most of the time not really for me, but people important to me, with shocks, hate, fear but happiness as well...

Chiara (dahlia_hayashi) came to me around 1 pm, I was already styled, I just had to put my corset on, I mixed the drinks, but somehow it was a strange feeling, i don't know what it was.
Saturday we were hyper before the autograph session, but before the concert it was, I don't know what it was...

we went to the venue around 2 pm and arrived around half an hour later.
Not many people were already there, but the 1st person who greet me first was Aijou, my yoshiki in a RPG, it was nice to see her again, but she sit at one fence, where we don`t wanted to stay, we wanted to be 1st row!

So we searched a place in the near of the entrance. A girl accosted me, asked how I know Aijou, I told her and we sit down beside her. We talked and she and Chiara found out, that they are really equal, when she talked, it was like hearing Chiara speak!


Aijou came to me and so we spend with other people the time. Taiji came for some moments to us and I could clear out something he misunderstood! I like him and weren't angry at him, just at his sister!


they let us in ten minutes later as said, and it became tight!
Gosh, I never was that close to a window like at this time!
We felt packed like sardines in a can !
I waited for Chiara and we went to the front, we were at the right side, near the , hm kind like backstage entrance, but in this venue it's the entrance for the paramedics as well.
We stand some time, most of the people were already in the venue and they already pushed hard.
Chiara stood on my left side and let her head fall on my shoulder, I let her and asked, if everything is OK, she told me, she would be just sleepy. She stood again, then leaned again on me, stood again.
There was a girl in front of us, we didn't like for always pushing back.
But suddenly Chiara's head fall forward, leaning at this girl, now i knew something was wrong!
Her body shacked all over and seconds later her legs broke away, I catch her, didn't let her fall.
She had a black out, her eyes wide open, and i could see the white in her eyes!
I pulled her out, to the entrance to the paramedics. I had a light panic attack! I was so afraid! To see her lying on the floor, her eyes so wide open! They didn't let me stay with her, carry her away and send me back, but I could already see her waking up.
I went to Leif, who was with us and told her what happened, that it was her 1st time ever to collapse like that!
I was really worried and hoped everything would be soon OK!
Chiara came out some minutes later and I went immediately to her, she told me everything is ok, they told her just, that she shouldn't go back into the crowd! But she would in some minutes and I should go back!
I went, the girls cursing me, but I ignored them, so I was again in the 2nd row, in front of the bass boxes. Some minutes later Chiara was already laughing with guys from the paramedics and was standing soon at my side again! The girls cursing more and wishing for blades and scissors to cut her hair!
We just laughed, caring not just one bit!
Chiara told me, she felt really good and I compared it to a pc, when you switch him off and boot him up, everything works again.
It was still some time and we tried to get more on the left side, near to the middle.
But the security always told us to make space, cause the only way to the space in front of the stage was trough the people over the fence! And all the people from press had to climb over this fence, pushing us again back!
some minutes after 8 pm Werner entered the stage like always, telling us the usual stuff, don't make pictures or you would be pulled out! He left the stage and the people started to scream for Kagerou, minutes passed, nothing happened. Again they screamed and finally the concert started!

The first to enter the stage was Shizumi, his hair crimed, standing to all side, wearing just jeans, if I remember right, and a shirt. He jumped onto a box in the middle and let the crowd scream. The second was Kazu, in black leather trousers, a white shirt and suit jacket, making a equal show like Shizumi, Yuana followed, he wore black trousers, a white cloth bound around his knee, a black and white shirt and a red frock coat, which looked black in spotlight. But he didn't climp up the box, he just walked to the middle and then to his place.
One was still missing, who scuffed more on stage, then walking, his head down, hair into his face.
Suddenly he jumped onto the box, raising his arms like a prophet, enliven the crowd!
All screamed and the show started!
With the time we could move more to the left and could see Daisuke better, he wore black trousers with 2 belts, 2 chains at it, a white button down shirt, which looked for me, like it had blake stribes it, but later Chiara told me, it were transparent parts and that there was glitter in it as well. My bad eyes (>.<)! he wore black ties with many bows... and a black jacket.

The show was really good, Daisuke lost most of his clothes, spilling water, putting his bottle into his trousers more than onetime, running around with it. He jumped onetime into the audience, sadly I wasn't that close to the middle like at the end, but I reached out and felt his hair (^_^)
He went from the hands of the fans to the ground, standing in the middle, his white contacts still wearing, looking around. He looked like a deer in the headlights of a car, like he wanted to scream, "pull me out"! The security helped him, bringing him back on stage.

What Kazu and Shizumi did, I can hardly say, I just saw Kazu playing his purple bass, later a girl told me, he had a mirror in front of him (O.O)

But I can tell you about Yuana, I was standing most of the time in his near, many times direct in front of him. He played his guitar really nice, often walking around in circles, many times parallel with Daisuke who moved in small circles, but he made bigger ones, which looked funny! He made little grimaces, sticking his tongue out as well! He often went onto the right box letting the fans touch him, on time, when I was still in the near of the box, I could have pull the cable of his guitar out, if I had wanted it!

A really cute scene of Daisuke was, when he took his shirt off, we wanted it, the fans screamed for it, he lett it look like he had problems getting it out, but when he finally did, he hold it to us, let it look, like he would throwing it into the crowd. But suddenly he squeezed it tight to his chest, shaking his head!

It looked really cute!

After most of the songs were little breaks, Daisuke was sitting on the ground, resting some time.
And he love the water and the bottles!
Spilling it most of the time he let it flow onto his face and hair, cleaning himself from all the makeup, which looked a lot better.
There was a break, all screaming for the „en-co-re“, but they let us wait again!
It took a long time before they came back, wearing the tour shirts, Yuana had just exchange the black and white shirt with the tour shirt. Daisuke was again the last one to enter the stage, sunglasses hiding is eyes. When the song started he pulled it aside, showing us his clean face, his hair all down but presenting their songs great!

At the whole concert my aim was to came more to the middle, where Daisuke stood and take Chiara with me, she had my arm, or I hold her hand, or even had my arm around her.
But in the break we were a bit separated, I wanted to pull her to my side, but the girl in front don't let me, someone behind me, tipped on her shoulder, being a friend of her, she asked me, if i would let the girl be beside me, i told her, just if my friend can be beside me as well! I looked at the girl and it took some moments to realize that I do know the girl and that I don't want her one bit beside me and if anything less beside Chiara! But she was pulled next to me, and I get Chiara and tried to make my way farther away, I was in the middle suddenly, but there was no chance to go further and I tried!
So she her beside her for the rest of the concert!
I wanted to switch place with her so much!
we tried to enjoy the rest of the concert and let us shower again!
Chiara always tried to look down, when Daisuke spilled water, one time looking to the right, to get a shower from Yuana, who stood on his favorite place on the boxes again, and one time, when she wanted to check, if he stopped, he looked at her and spilled the water into her eye!
I didn't mind all the water spilling!
The show ended after more then 2 hours, the music, the show great, but the persons around...
I searched for my pin and button, which I lost, probably when I pulled Chiara out.
I gave up and went to Leif and Chiara, when Alex was suddenly there!
I hugged her tight and didn't want to let her go! I missed her so much! We didn't see each other for 11 month! Why she had to be so far away! We hugged for a really long time and I cried, I was to happy! Candy came and we hugged as well.
We all went outside, Alex getting her jacket and Chiara was suddenly away.
Alex came back and we spoke and hugged again and in 2 weeks she will stay overnight at my place for Mucc!
but then came Lotos!
How I hate her!
I had to shake her hand, even if I didn't want one bit!
I started to babble and just wanted her gone!
Leif had to go and I hugged her goodbye!
I searched for Chiara and said goodbye to Alex and Candy!

Me and Chiara stayed and waited like after Blood for the guys to some out!
I went to the doors again and could see the stage, some of the guys were on stage bringing the equipment to the car. I would say, the one who showed his belly, could be Daisuke, but I'm really unsure, tomorrow I will get my new glasses! (>.<)
I went back to Chiara to the fence. We could see all the members climbing into the van, but Daisuke
was missing, we didn't see him and when we went to the gate, the others said, they didn't saw him as well! But there was an ambulance driving away with sirens on!
Was Daisuke in it?
We don't know! I hope not!
When the van drove away, we went to the subway, there was a little sales booth , selling drinks, asking us, if we want something, I went to it, asking if I had to pay, which I had to, I wanted to go, but he called me back, asking what I want, I wanted just water and he gave it to me for free!
Yeah, something nice at the end!
Chiara and me finally went home and were at home some minutes before midnight. Chaira told me over MSN she's feeling strange now and a friend told be, another friend had puked blood and they were trying to convince her to went to hospital! It took some time, but she went!

Today we get the message, they didn't found out, what it were, but we are still a bit worried!

That was the day of the Kagerou concert, bad, good, I can't really say, which part prevail...
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Current Music: Kageou still in my ears
sheitanasheitana on May 1st, 2006 07:27 pm (UTC)
ja, das konzert war *_______*

Und daisuke sieht aus wie yomi!

ähm...hallo erstmal!
ich bin Clothoid_Doll aus spastimexx, hab gesehen dass du auch nen joirnal hast. meine güte, sind alle mexxler verkappte emos? egal, freu mich dich hier zu sehen, vielleicht liest man sich mal wieder ^__^
alles liebe
keykeyjahn on May 1st, 2006 07:48 pm (UTC)
ich hab auch auf dein gb eintrag geantwortet...
was meinst du den mit den verkappte emo's?
*verwirrt bin*
lerodaleroda on July 1st, 2006 04:08 pm (UTC)

added you to my friends list~
would be happy, if you add me back ^.~
Pornohäschen: Yokanblut_royal on July 22nd, 2006 02:15 pm (UTC)
darf ich dich adden???
keykeyjahn on July 22nd, 2006 02:42 pm (UTC)
wenn du mir sagst, wer du bist...
Pornohäschen: Yokanblut_royal on July 22nd, 2006 02:45 pm (UTC)
Ahhhh sry, bin so verpeilt...@_@
Die Lyciel von der Tschönni die Freundin. Aber nur wenn ich dich net nerve
keykeyjahn on July 22nd, 2006 03:01 pm (UTC)
OK, du darfst!
du nervst nicht