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22 April 2006 @ 11:30 pm
Kagerou autograph session or chiara's other side  
today I was able to meet another band...
this year i met already so much and tomorrow i will see a band again: Kagerou
last year I was at the coupling tour, but I couldn't see them so well, cause i stayed with my friend, cause she waited for someone...
but tomorrow we will see them for real!
Today there was an autograph session in the "Neo Tokyo shop"
Chiara ( dahlia_hayashi )came to me around 10 am, cause i live closer to the shop and here she cold finished her styling and i help her crimping her hair...
it looked great, I wore simple clothes, cause i get my ticket just 2 days ago and decided just 1 1/2 week ago i would go to the concert...
anyway, we went to the shop around 12.25 am, it were not that many people there, but in the shop were more...
we went on to speak again with Werner from "Neo Tokyo", I had already asked him on thursday, what would be the best way, if someone want a hug. he told me then, it wouldn't be good to ask him, cause everyone would want one then! I had asked him, if it would be Okay, when we would be the last ones...
today we asked him, when the session would end, if it would be possible to be the last!
in the shop we met my friend Leif, who stayed with us the whole time!
just some minutes later they closed the shop, preparing everything for the session.
we stood at the entrance, where the band would arrive.
Werner tried to open the gate for the van, but it already closed before the van came, he had to do it again and I was already thinking of helping him, I wouldn't mind!
finally the "guys" arrived, making photos and checking Chiara and leif out...
we waited for a long time, wanting to be the last ones.
Shura (shura3 and rukyo (rukyo) came and wanted autographs as well.
we hugged and stand with them there waiting.
we saw the people coming out and just being happy and screaming a lot, girls AND boys!!!
after more waiting we realized, there weren't many before us anymore, just fans pressing flat on the shop window to see them!
suddenly the door closed, but we weren't in yet!
when the door opened again, we told them and they let us in, just us 3!
we didn't buy merchandise, we need our money for japan, and went to the band.
shizumi was the first, we great the band and gave them the flyer to sign.
I let my eyes wander from one to the next and was surprised!
they looked so young!
maybe highschool, but not older!
when shizumi finished my autograph, I asked him, if I could get one for line (mistoline) as well, he nodded, no problem.
I already looked at kazu and yuana, when shizumi asked me happy " wie...geht...es dir?" (how are you?) I was surprised and later chiara told me I looked like that:


I told him "gut(good), arigato!"
and smiled at him.
yuana signed the flyer already and chiara was beside me, getting her autographs.
I stood before Daisuke and couldn't believe he looked so incredibly young and innocent!
that wasn't one bit the guy we knew from stage!
the one scratching his chest, screaming, putting watter bottles into his trousers!
he signed mine autograph as well and I thanked all of them, then chiara was standing in front of daisuke. I knew, she wanted to hug him and i wanted to ask, but suddenly chiara did it herself!
for the 1st time!
and Daisuke did it, he walked a little bit around the table and she could hug him and hugged back, which she couldn't really feel, because of the corset she wore, but she told me later it was a nice feeling!
she asked him, if a kiss was possible as well, he nodded and she thought of where to kiss him, the lips or the cheek, but she choose the save way and kissed his cheek.
the other guys looked a bit jealous, but she don't mind!
leif get all the autographs as well and standing behind chiara she get a fast hug from daisuke as well, but no kiss!
the whole thing was filmed by Kagerou's cameraman and he limed chiara very closely!
we went out and girls came to Chiara, having seen it from outside, asking, who was the one she hugged?
I answered for her, cause she was too stunned.
she stood there, didn't saying one word.
I talked with Leif and waited, it took Chiara around 10 minutes to come back to life...
we could see the other girls pressing against the windows, taking pictures of the guys walking around.
then Werner opened the gate again and let the van out, they stopped beside us and everyone in the van took pictures of us!
they drove away and just few minutes later the way back, cause it was the wrong direction!
some minutes later the shop opened again and we talked with the people from the shop and checking the mags out, searching for mag's with vidoll for Chiara...
there was a girl, nearly in tears, cause she missed the session, being 10 minutes to late!
she was so sad, really wanting to be there, preparing something for the band!
she was crying and chiara went to her, holding her and trying to cheer her up, something I never seeing her doing before!
I went to her as well and we told her, they would come again, they love germany and she will see them and told her, when we mt tomorrow, we will try to bring her before kazu, the place where she wanted to be!
we will try!
Leif had already left, being tired, chiara and me went to Burger King after saying good bye to the stuff of "neo tokyo".
she told me more into detail, how it felt to hug daisuke and that he was thinner than Amiyu (amiyu) but his skin soft like his, ah, japanese skin is really great!
we thought about some of the fangirls we saw today and of our beloved "daidai" (aoi_tenshi) who will come to germany next year, and how funny it can be, being with him on concerts, having fun and watching the jealous girls!
he's such a sweetheart!
After coming to my place, changing and looking through a gothic lolita bible and a Kera mag, chiara went home and I move to the PC, starting this report...
I told line (mistoline) I have the autograph for her and she was really happy! but I like her a lot, so I just had to try to get one for her!
later she send me the link to hayato's , the support drummer of moi dix mois, diary and the translation of it, so cute!
finally I have more pictures of him!
I like this guy, I hope he stay in the band, he's so happy, it's good for the band!
chiara already went to bed, I'll go soon as well, but I'm not tired yet!
tomorrow we will go to the concert! we want to be in the 1st row!
I'm good at getting there, I think I will make it again!
and chiara will be with me!
love you darling!
Current Mood: happywating for tomorrow
Current Music: kagerou
dahlia_hayashi on April 23rd, 2006 06:58 am (UTC)
love ya too*hug*
i am sooooo nervous!!!
keykeyjahn on April 23rd, 2006 08:21 am (UTC)
*hug u tight*
we will make it!
dahlia_hayashi on April 23rd, 2006 08:30 am (UTC)
hope so!